Stockholm Stroller White

Stockholm Stroller "White edition" is a convenient stroller in beautiful design. Form, feature and function are combined in a unique complement trolly for the conscious consumer. The trolley is of the highest quality and safety. Stockholm Stroller has been tested and approved according to EN1888: 2003.

The angle and slope between the handle and rear wheels make space for the legs and improve the comfort on the walk.

This model has a new and improved aluminum frame which makes a total weight of only 7,9 kg.

The extra large wheels pairs provide traction and comfort on all surfaces. The cobbled streets, the road walk or snowy winter streets of the city's many curbs. When it's time to sleep, the Stockholm Stroller has a solid handle on the back which makes it easy to fold the backrest in a soft and comfortable movement. A clever "Paparazzi-hood" can be lowered all the way down on to the foot to create a shaded and calm environment for the child.

The footrest is provided with a protection against dirt from the shoes. All textile are treated with Dupont™Teflon® fabric protector, the protects against dirt and makes the trolley easy to keep clean and neat.

Stockholm Stroller is easy to fold with only one hand, for extremely compact storage and transport position. Included is in addition, a specially adapted transport bag that is perfect for such as check on the flight.

Dimensions open: 50 x 64 x 118 cm
Dimensions folded: 28 x 33 x 110 cm
Weight: 7,9 kg
Maximum load weight: 15 kg
  • 商品番号 118490_130