Husky Gore-Tex® Lace Dahlia


From Superfit, these husky gore-tex lace dahlia boots will keep tiny toes nice and warm this winter. The vibrant pink boots are fashioned from canvas and suede and feature secure matching lacings that thread through metal loops to keep the boots tight and secure all the way up past the ankle. The interior of the boots are lined in soft faux fur to provide an extra cozy wear while out in the snow. The bottom of the shoe is made of textured rubber for a solid grip on a winter’s day. The outer ankle is detailed with a tiny snowflake, making this a charming choice for all snow related activities.

Size guide (insole):
18 = 120,0 mm
19 = 126,6 mm
20 = 133,3 mm
21 = 140,0mm
22 = 146,6 mm
23 = 153,3 mm
24 = 160,0 mm
25 = 166,6 mm
26 = 173,3 mm
27 = 180,0 mm
28 = 186,6 mm
Please note that when you purchase shoes for your child, you should select a size that is 1.5 cm larger than your child's foot. Wellies and boots should be up to 2 cm larger, for extra socks and insoles
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